Dear Skycrest Family,

"If we stop making people so afraid of going to hell, how will we convince them to follow Jesus?"

We talked about hell this past Sunday, as part of our sermon series The Dark Side. If you're interested and you missed it, you can check it out online at www.skycrest.net/sermons

One question I didn't have time for in Sunday's message was the one I asked above. Without the fear that every unbeliever, doubter, and misbehaver will end up in hell, how will we incentivize people to join the Christian faith?

Here's the funny thing. I don't think I've ever met a Christian who is following Jesus simply for fear of avoiding hell. And I've met a lot of non-Christians who aren't following Jesus because they can't wrap their minds around the belief that every non-believer is going to burn eternally.

Maybe people will be compelled to join us in following the Jesus we spoke about on Sunday, the Jesus who descends into hell, into the literal hells of human suffering here on earth, walks with each person and leads them toward a better way.

Up next Sunday, make sure to be in church if you're able! You might even want to attend both services! Derrick Scott, Director of the Campus to City Wesley Foundation in Jacksonville, FL, will be our guest preacher. And the worship band from CCW will be leading the whole service in Modern (9:45 a.m.), and one song in Traditional (11:00 a.m.). Derrick is a sought-after speaker at numerous conferences and events; you will love his insight and his high energy and passion. The CCW worship band is a top-notch group of college musicians and you will not want to miss their talent and inspiration.

Derrick will be wrapping up our The Dark Side series with a look at spiritual warfare. Are we engaged in a battle between good and evil, beyond what we can see? Does spiritual warfare affect our everyday lives, and if it does, what can we do to emerge victorious?

Starting this Sunday, your 2020 Estimate of Giving cards are also available. Our ministries are 100% supported by the generosity of our church family, and I'm so thankful for how you make our work possible. We'd love to hear from you regarding how you'll be supporting our church financially in the coming year, so that we can plan our budget and ministries accordingly. If you've already been praying about it and want to get a jump start, you can fill out an online Estimate of Giving at www.skycrest.net/giving

See you Sunday!