Mid-Week Message 08-07-19

Dear Skycrest Family,

Want to know what my friend Alex, last Sunday's guest preacher, said about our church?

He said it was one of the most kingdom-of-God-like churches he's ever experienced! He noted the diversity of worshipers, the hospitality, and the way all different kinds of people are welcomed and loved by one another. Sometimes "growing in faith" can be hard to measure and we're not really sure if we're getting any closer to the goal than when we started. So I share his comments with you to let you know that we are, indeed, getting closer to the goal of living and loving like Jesus. And I'm very grateful to be a part of it!

I'm grateful also to Alex for sharing our message last Sunday on Galatians 3, Children of God.

Up next Sunday, I'll be back to preaching and we'll be starting a new series called Small But Mighty, exploring four of the smallest books of the Bible: Haggai, Philemon, Obadiah, and Titus. These books are no more than a couple of pages long; some of them only contain one chapter, a couple dozen verses. Their topics are somewhat odd, or at least quite situationally specific. How did these books come to be included in our Bible? And what do they have to say to us today?

Next Sunday will also be the last Sunday before students begin their new school year, so we'll offer a special prayer for students, teachers, and school staff in both services. If you have loved ones who are headed back to school, invite them to join us.

Finally, with back-to-school starting, lots of our Groups will soon be ramping up for Fall as well. With many options to choose from, including some new ones, we thought the best way to find where they fit would be to host a GroupConnect Sunday. On the last Sunday of August, stop by the Library after either one of our services to meet the leaders of any Groups you might be interested in joining this Fall. A detailed list will be provided in this Sunday's bulletin with more information!