Mid- Week Message 07-10-19

Dear Skycrest Family,

In lieu of our usual Mid-Week email, I wanted to bring you all up to speed on the Simplified Leadership Board Model that our Church Council is considering implementing for January 2020.

The Book of Discipline now allows for alternate leadership structures, provided that the alternate structure meets some basic requirements and has been approved by the District Superintendent and the Charge Conference. Our Charge Conference is in November, and our Nominations process happens in August, which is why we are exploring this now.

Here’s how it would work:

The old Staff-Parish, Trustees, and Finance committees would be dissolved.  The essential functions of those committees would be handled by the Leadership Board.  One person each would be designated to handle SPRC, Trustees, and Finance issues that arise between meetings or do not need Board approval.

The Leadership Board would consist of those three administrative leaders, plus two co-chairs for each of our Ministry Teams:

Connecting to God (Worship)

Connecting to Each Other (Discipleship, Care, Age-Level Ministries, and Men’s and Women’s Ministries)

Connecting to the World (Missions)

A chair and secretary would also be a part of the Leadership Board, and the pastor would have voice but not vote on the Leadership Board.  Leadership Board members would serve on 3-year staggered terms.  The Co-Chairs of each Ministry Team would represent 1 Modern and 1 Traditional attendee as much as possible.

The main emphasis of this leadership structure is actually the Ministry Teams.  Each Ministry Team would consist of two co-chairs, the staff members for that area, and volunteer members who would like to join.

Ministry Teams would be empowered to make decisions in their area, within their budget.  Only matters that are a change in budget, staffing, direction, or overlap across Ministry Teams would need to be taken to the Leadership Board. 

The meeting schedule would be quarterly, all on the same night. 90 minutes would be spent in Ministry Teams, and then 30 minutes for the Leadership Board.   Staff would be strongly encouraged to attend their Ministry Team meeting and adjust their weekly work schedule accordingly.

Separate Leadership Board meetings would be scheduled as needed to fulfill functions such as Staff Reviews.

We want to hear your questions and feedback about this proposed model, so we are hosting a Q&A session after church this Sunday at 12:00 p.m. in the Sanctuary.  The Church Council hopes to arrive at a decision at our July meeting.  We would then seek approval from our District Superintendent, and vote on the new structure at our Fall Charge Conference, for implementation in January 2020. 

Have questions or thoughts, and can’t make the Q&A? Email Barb McQuain at bdmcquain@gmail.com or me at emily@skycrest.net

 Hope to see you this Sunday at 9:45 a.m. Modern or 11:00 a.m. Traditional as our Gospel On Broadway sermon series continues.


 Pastor Emily