Dear Skycrest Family,

I have to confess, there was a glitch in my "is this a book of the Bible" quiz last Sunday! My written notes said Judah but I couldn't read them (I think the baby spilled his breakfast on that page) so I said Jude. The written answer said no (Judah is not a book of the Bible), but it caught me off guard because that didn't seem right to me! Jude is indeed a book of the Bible- a short, one-chapter book, located between 3 John and Revelation. So if you missed a couple on the quiz, you're not alone!

We did this little quiz last Sunday leading into the new sermon series Small But Mighty, in which we are studying four of the smallest books of the Bible. Last Sunday we read the opening verses of Haggai, in which God instructs the Israelites to rebuild the Temple after exile. They had been putting it off for a decade! Hopefully we've all identified a few things this week which God has called us to do that we've been saying "later" to.

Up next Sunday, we'll be reading Philemon, from the New Testament. In Philemon, Paul challenges his friend to release a runaway slave who has become a brother in Christ. He challenges Philemon to see beyond a world where slavery was normal, and he challenges us to see beyond our world and into the Kingdom of God.

Looking forward to sharing with you on Sunday, 9:45 a.m. or 11:00 a.m.!

Next Sunday: August 18, 9:45 a.m. & 11:00 a.m.

Join us at 9:45 a.m. (Modern) or 11:00 a.m. (Traditional)

SkyKids (age 4 through 5th grade) meet at 11:00 a.m., and there's Nursery (age 0-3) throughout the morning while you attend a service or group, or volunteer!


Group Connect Sunday, August 25-- stop by after either service (10:45 a.m.-11:00 a.m., or 12:00 p.m.-12:15 p.m.) to meet the leaders of the various Groups that will be meeting this Fall. Bible studies, Sunday School groups, women's / men's groups, activity-based groups like running, sewing, etc. and more!

Mid-Week Message 08-07-19

Dear Skycrest Family,

Want to know what my friend Alex, last Sunday's guest preacher, said about our church?

He said it was one of the most kingdom-of-God-like churches he's ever experienced! He noted the diversity of worshipers, the hospitality, and the way all different kinds of people are welcomed and loved by one another. Sometimes "growing in faith" can be hard to measure and we're not really sure if we're getting any closer to the goal than when we started. So I share his comments with you to let you know that we are, indeed, getting closer to the goal of living and loving like Jesus. And I'm very grateful to be a part of it!

I'm grateful also to Alex for sharing our message last Sunday on Galatians 3, Children of God.

Up next Sunday, I'll be back to preaching and we'll be starting a new series called Small But Mighty, exploring four of the smallest books of the Bible: Haggai, Philemon, Obadiah, and Titus. These books are no more than a couple of pages long; some of them only contain one chapter, a couple dozen verses. Their topics are somewhat odd, or at least quite situationally specific. How did these books come to be included in our Bible? And what do they have to say to us today?

Next Sunday will also be the last Sunday before students begin their new school year, so we'll offer a special prayer for students, teachers, and school staff in both services. If you have loved ones who are headed back to school, invite them to join us.

Finally, with back-to-school starting, lots of our Groups will soon be ramping up for Fall as well. With many options to choose from, including some new ones, we thought the best way to find where they fit would be to host a GroupConnect Sunday. On the last Sunday of August, stop by the Library after either one of our services to meet the leaders of any Groups you might be interested in joining this Fall. A detailed list will be provided in this Sunday's bulletin with more information!

Mid-Week Message 7-31-19

Dear Skycrest Family,

A big round of applause for all four of our guest singers from Not Your Normal Entertainment! They provided the songs this month for our Gospel on Broadway sermon series, and every one of them knocked it out of the park. Thanks to Joe, our Traditional Choir Director, for coordinating this during the choir’s month off.

Last Sunday’s sermon focused on the biblical theme of hospitality and the new musical Come From Away. Hopefully you enjoyed hearing about the residents of Gander, Newfoundland, who welcomed 7,000 stranded airplane travelers from around the world on September 11, 2001. I hope you were also inspired, as I was, to seek opportunities this week to practice biblical hospitality—treating strangers, and even enemies, with brotherly and sisterly love. When we practice hospitality, we meet God, because hospitality mirrors the actions of the God who sacrificed everything to welcome us into God’s family.

Up next Sunday, I really hope you’ll be in church because you won’t want to miss it. Rev. Alex Shanks, the Assistant to the Bishop, will be our guest preacher. Alex is the right hand to Bishop Ken Carter, our Bishop in Florida as well as the President of the Council of Bishops. Alex is also an outstanding preacher, a great leader in United Methodism, and a long-time friend. I won’t be out of town or anything—just wanted you to have the opportunity to hear Alex—so I’ll plan to see you at church at 9:45am Modern or 11:00am Traditional.

Next Sunday: July 28, 9:45am & 11:00am

Join us at 9:45am (Modern) or 11:00am (Traditional)

SkyKids (age 4 through 5th grade) meet at 11:00am, and there's Nursery (age 0-3) throughout the morning while you attend a service or group, or volunteer!


Choir Potluck and Kickoff Rehearsal—Wednesday, July 31. Dinner at 6:00pm, rehearsal at 7:00pm. New guests do not need to bring a dish; just come and eat, and see whether choir is right for you!

Running Group will resume on Thursdays starting September 5 at Crest Lake Park at 6:30pm. Join us for a devotion and a 1, 2, or 3 mile walk, jog, or run! All abilities welcome.

Mid- Week Message 07-10-19

Dear Skycrest Family,

In lieu of our usual Mid-Week email, I wanted to bring you all up to speed on the Simplified Leadership Board Model that our Church Council is considering implementing for January 2020.

The Book of Discipline now allows for alternate leadership structures, provided that the alternate structure meets some basic requirements and has been approved by the District Superintendent and the Charge Conference. Our Charge Conference is in November, and our Nominations process happens in August, which is why we are exploring this now.

Here’s how it would work:

The old Staff-Parish, Trustees, and Finance committees would be dissolved.  The essential functions of those committees would be handled by the Leadership Board.  One person each would be designated to handle SPRC, Trustees, and Finance issues that arise between meetings or do not need Board approval.

The Leadership Board would consist of those three administrative leaders, plus two co-chairs for each of our Ministry Teams:

Connecting to God (Worship)

Connecting to Each Other (Discipleship, Care, Age-Level Ministries, and Men’s and Women’s Ministries)

Connecting to the World (Missions)

A chair and secretary would also be a part of the Leadership Board, and the pastor would have voice but not vote on the Leadership Board.  Leadership Board members would serve on 3-year staggered terms.  The Co-Chairs of each Ministry Team would represent 1 Modern and 1 Traditional attendee as much as possible.

The main emphasis of this leadership structure is actually the Ministry Teams.  Each Ministry Team would consist of two co-chairs, the staff members for that area, and volunteer members who would like to join.

Ministry Teams would be empowered to make decisions in their area, within their budget.  Only matters that are a change in budget, staffing, direction, or overlap across Ministry Teams would need to be taken to the Leadership Board. 

The meeting schedule would be quarterly, all on the same night. 90 minutes would be spent in Ministry Teams, and then 30 minutes for the Leadership Board.   Staff would be strongly encouraged to attend their Ministry Team meeting and adjust their weekly work schedule accordingly.

Separate Leadership Board meetings would be scheduled as needed to fulfill functions such as Staff Reviews.

We want to hear your questions and feedback about this proposed model, so we are hosting a Q&A session after church this Sunday at 12:00 p.m. in the Sanctuary.  The Church Council hopes to arrive at a decision at our July meeting.  We would then seek approval from our District Superintendent, and vote on the new structure at our Fall Charge Conference, for implementation in January 2020. 

Have questions or thoughts, and can’t make the Q&A? Email Barb McQuain at bdmcquain@gmail.com or me at emily@skycrest.net

 Hope to see you this Sunday at 9:45 a.m. Modern or 11:00 a.m. Traditional as our Gospel On Broadway sermon series continues.


 Pastor Emily